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Meet Ed Larkin

Ed Larkin is the founder of Xavier Technologies, LLC. and the Designer/Developer and inventor the of PLA "Motion Controller". Ed has over 40 years of experience working in digital electronics and has invented and has recieved patents for several gaming peripherals throughout his career. In 1994 he invented the Mouse Bungee and for the next 16 years sold it to gamers all over the world out of his apartment. In 2010 Razer was interested in buying the Mouse Bungee. He decided it was time to move onto something else so he sold it to Min at Razer. Razer is still selling his Mouse Bungee today which makes the Mouse Bungee 24 years old and one of the longest selling gaming peripherals in the history of PC gaming. Ed also designed/invented the "Cyberlyte" keyboard illuminator to play games in the dark for added realism, TwitchPadz, high-resolution mouse pads for laser mice and the FragStick, a hybrid mouse/Joystick controller. Ed received patents for the FragStick, the Mouse Bungee and the Cyberlyte. In the 80's he worked 2 full time jobs working at his company Alternative Engineering in the daytime and working at Digital Equipment Corporation on the second shift. His company made computer add-ons for the Bally Home Arcade computer using the name "VIPER" systems. (Video Image Processing Equipment Research) His company also won over several other competitors to get the exclusive rights to produce the hardware for a ground-breaking graphics language called Z-GRASS 32. Images of those products are in the Gallery so be sure to check them out. One of his companies Z-GRASS systems is even in the National Arcade Museum in Texas!    


August 2017

Completion of the Proof of Concept, functioning prototype of the PLA "Motion Controller"


During these years we were designing the Hyper Drive controller which evolved into the

PLA "Motion Controller"

Patents have been filed and the "PLA" trademark was granted from USPTO during 2017


Ed worked for Razer as an engineering consultant on the innovation design team


Ed sold Mouse Bungee to Razer


Patent issued for Mouse Bungee


Patent issued for Cyberlyte gaming keyboard light


I started selling the Mouse Bungee! At this time, there were no wireless mice and cord management was a serious problem for PC gamers


I created the Cyberlyte Gaming Keyboard light. This was years before keyboards had backlighting!


Worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, at that time it was the second biggest computer company in the world. They were a leading vendor of computer systems, including computers, software, and peripherals.


Attended RCA School of Electronic Design in Manhattan NYC